You can’t ask me that: Why it’s never ok to ask someone if it’s that time of the month.

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When it comes to questions you should never ask if you value your life, then “Is it that time of the month?” directed at any woman of your acquaintance has to be right at the top. Particularly if you’re in the middle of a disagreement with said woman and you’re asking the question on the basis of that terrible old stereotype that a woman on her period is not entirely in control of her emotions thanks to her “hormones”.

Hormones? Pah! There are many more reasons why that time of the month is making women angry and none of them have to do with our bodies. Let’s start with a quiz. Which of the following items is still VAT-able? Edible birthday cake decorations, Jaffa Cakes or sanitary towels? That’s right. It’s the only one in the list that most women aged 13 to 51 (assuming an average age of menarche and menopause) can’t do without. You know we’re not referring to the Jaffa Cakes, right?

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