You can’t ask me that: How many lovers have you had?

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 10.07.34Over a few glasses of wine one evening, my friend Jenn asked all the people around the table: “If the answer is six, then what is the question?”

“Six?” someone echoed.

Jenn nodded. “Yes. What’s the question?”

The rest of us racked our brains.

“What’s eight minus two?”


“How many eggs in a half-dozen?”


“What’s the meaning of life?”

Of course it wasn’t that. Everyone knows, thanks to Douglas Adams, that the answer to that particular question is 42.

We were stumped. A sly smile spread across Jenn’s face. “The question is, ‘how many lovers have you had?’ Assuming that the person being questioned is a woman.”

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