Could a wellness gadget really be the secret to happiness?

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 13.59.15Dear readers, I have found the wellness gadget of the year and it costs just £24.99. It’s a Crane vibrating massage foam roller and you can find it at Aldi. Hurry now while stocks last. The website describes it thus: “your perfect post-workout partner”. I’d go further than that. I’d describe it as the secret to happiness. At least for this week.

I had no idea such things even existed until last Friday at a Trigger Point Pilatesclass at London’s PI Studios. Trigger Point Pilates is a combination of Pilates and “Myofascial Release”, in which sustained pressure on the fascia, the connective tissue which wraps our muscles, helps to improve circulation and increase mobility. As we students lay flat out at the end of a particularly painful workout, instructor Kiki Lier Laursen did a circuit of the room, placing the vibrating rollers behind our knees. It was impossible not to laugh as we lay there and jiggled.

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