Crazy in Love – Chrissie Manby

Crazy in Love

Chrissie Manby

Heiress and celebrity Birdie Sederburg has been used to getting everything she wants. That is, until hot young actor Dean Stevenson (quite literally) crashes into her life.

Birdie’s convinced she’s found The One. But Dean is only in it for his career, and is resisting her charm offensive. Still, Birdie is not prepared to admit defeat. As her obsession with Dean grows, she realises she may have to do something drastic to make him fall in love with her.

But is getting herself kidnapped in order to win his heart as insane as it sounds?
How far would you go for love?


‘Be prepared to get completely lost in this deliciously funny read’ – Heat

‘A hilarious read’ – Company

‘Destined to keep you up until the small hours’ – Daily Mirror

‘A light funny tale of self-discovery’ – Sainsbury’s magazine

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