Priceless – Olivia Darling


Olivia Darling

Love, honour, betrayal. What would it take to make you risk your reputation, your livelihood or even your life? On London’s glittering art scene there’s only one thing worth more than a Leonardo da Vinci and that’s revenge.

When native New Yorker Carrie is asked to set up a new auction house in London, she seizes the opportunity to settle an old score.

In rival auction house Ludbrook’s, Lizzie is sleeping with her boss. Which could be her best career move. Or her worst.

And out in the sticks, divorced and desperate to secure a better future for her child, Serena is about to embark on a daring artistic enterprise that could spell disaster for them all.


‘Escape into the glamorous, moneyed world of international fine art … there’s plenty of intrigue, sparkling sex and champagne on offer, so enjoy!’ – Woman’s Day, Australia

‘The raunch factor is daringly high: in true Eighties bonkbuster tradition’ – Daily Mail

‘It’s another top bonkbuster from Ms Darling’ – Closer

‘Settle back with a glass of wine and enjoy’ – Daily Express

‘This frisky novel has something for everyone’ – OK!/Hot Stars

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