Second Prize – Chrissie Manby

Second Prize

Chrissie Manby

Lara Fenton is resigned to life on the shelf, especially now her best friend Julie’s got engaged. But then Lara is swept off her feet by the divine Hugh Armstrong-Hamilton – and suddenly nothing can spoil her happiness. Hugh has his faults – Lara can’t deny that – but who cares if he cancels dates at the last minute? What does it matter if he never picks up the bill? Lara can even put up with the insults from his snooty friends. Just to be seen on the arm of someone like Hugh is consolation enough. After Hugh, any man would seem like second prize. And Lara would never be able to settle for that. Or would she . . .?


With a marriage of comic invention and some clear-sighted emotional honesty, this novel can move as well as amuse’ – Good Book Guide

‘Feelgood romantic comedy for those experiencing, anticipating or vaguely remembering twentysomething angst’ – Scotsman

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