The Girl Behind the Curtain – Stella Knightley

The Girl Behind the Curtain

Stella Knightley

Sarah Thomson and Marco Donato’s complicated love affair continues – their passion is a deep one but both have been badly hurt before and are wary of exposing their vulnerabilities to the other.

Meanwhile, Sarah begins to research a new subject . . .

It’s the Roaring Twenties and Katherine Hazleton is determined to be a star. Escaping her rigid upbringing in the Home Counties, she travels to Weimar Berlin, getting a job as a wardrobe girl at Max Reinhardt’s theatre. One of the theatre’s stars is a young Marlene Dietrich. Inspired, Katherine decides to reinvent herself as Kitty Katkin. Writing her own bawdy songs to accompany her risqué dance routines, Kitty is soon a sensation. She is in love with Berlin and her handsome musician lover, Josef. But Germany is about to change.

Will Kitty and Sarah find the love they truly deserve?


‘This trilogy is simply breathtaking and a truly incredible love story that has stolen my heart . . . Each book is as addictive as the last and they are just utterly compelling and so, so SO romantic.’ –

‘A sweet, emotional and atmospheric conclusion to an inspiring trilogy, and reveals a powerful message about the true value of love. I cannot recommend it enough!’ – Life Between Pages

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